18 February 2009

Just finished reading...

Jane Whitefield is backand I'm so glad!

We last saw Jane nine years ago in Blood Money, where she decided to retire from the business of helping people disappear, and became the philanthropic wife of surgeon Carey McKinnon.

They're attending a hospital fundraiser that Jane has organized when a bomb goes off. While attempting to aid victims, Jane is approached by a young pregnant woman who says she's been instructed to seek Jane out and ask for help. The young woman, Christine, is trying to get away from an abusive boyfriend, and although she doesn't tell Jane the complete story, it's obvious that Christine is in danger.

When Jane takes Christine out to the car to talk in private, they are followed by armed attackers, and Jane is forced to make her decision very quickly. She decides she has no choice but to help the girl, and finds herself back in an environment where the rules have changed drastically since her last "job".

Jane is still very good at what she does, but though she successfully manages to hide Christine, the boyfriend does not stop searching for her.

This is a real pageturner, and I had to force myself to close the book and go to bed at 1:00 a.m. today. I'm really hoping we see more of Jane now that she's back.

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