24 February 2009

Just finished reading...

I received this book as a contest prize.I'm going toLeft Coast Crime 2009, and they've been giving away books by some of the authors who will be attending.

I'd never read a book by Louise Ure before, and I was absolutely mesmerized. This is actually her second novel (the first was Forcing Amaryllis). Both are stand-alones, not part of a series.

The protagonist of The Fault Tree is Cadence Moran, an auto mechanic who has been blind since she was in a car accident eight years earlier. Her 3-year-old niece was killed in the accident, and Cadence has been unable to forgive herself.

Walking home from work late one evening, Cadence is clipped by a car. Although not seriously hurt, she is bruised and shaken, and her hand-carved cane is broken. Assuming it was just an accident, she doesn't report the incident, and goes on with her routine.

The next day, she is visited by homicide detectives who are investigating the murder of one of her elderly neighbours in a presumed robbery about the same time as she was hit. Initially reluctant to get involved, Cadence changes her mind when she is attacked again, presumably by the robbers who think she was a witness to the crime.

Cadence is a strong, self-sufficient woman, and her refusal to give in to whoever is stalking her is inspiring and riveting. This is one of those books that I could have read straight through without putting it down if my eyes hadn't kept trying to close. I'm definitely going to look for Forcing Amaryllis as well as Ure's third book Liars Anonymous, to be released April 14.

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  1. This sounds like a really good book! I love a good crime/mystery novel! I just finished Face of a Killer by Robin Burcell--excellent read.



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