08 February 2009

Saturday evening in Westwood

Last night Tod and I went to Westwood. The occasion was the launch of Jerrilyn Farmer's new book Murder at the Academy Awards. She cowrote it with Joan Rivers (!), and told some fabulous stories about working with her. She also told the story (which she always tells at her book launches) about how she was instrumental in the meeting between Tod and me.

The first time I came to California was to visit my brother and his wife, who had recently moved to LA. I timed my visit so that I could attend the launch of Jerrilyn's third Madeline Bean book Killer Wedding. It was March, and the weather in Los Angeles was lovely. Flowers were blooming, the sky was blue and the sun was shining; it made me think of that song about how it never rains in Southern California.
(Just as an aside, it's been raining here since Thursday, and will probably continue for a few more days.)
When I walked out of Logan Airport in Boston it was SNOWING. I was wearing sandals and a tank top with my jeans, and I was not impressed. When I got home, I immediately started searching for jobs in Southern California.
I moved out here in 2000, met Tod in 2002 and we got married in 2004. Yes, that means we'll be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this year.

Back to Westwood...

After getting a book signed and chatting with Jerrilyn for a few minutes, Tod and I went to dinner at The Gardens on Glendon. There was no actual garden that I could see, but the restaurant had a lovely courtyard with a fountain. Although it was busy, we were seated at almost the exact time of our reservation. The food was great. Our waiter was very personable, but scarce. He may have had too many tables, but I did notice the other server around a lot more. Anyway, it was a lovely evening, and it was great to see Jerrilyn again.

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