05 February 2009

Twenty-five random things...

I've now been tagged twice in this meme that's making the rounds on Facebook, so I thought I'd kill three birds with one meme.

1. I considered just adding to the Sixteen Random Things meme I completed last month, but apparently that's cheating.

2. I am a classic middle child.

3. Going to library school was the second-best life-changing decision I ever made.

4. Marrying Tod was the best.

5. I look forward to being a grandmother, but I'm in no rush.

6. Not only am I lactose-intolerant, the idea of drinking milk makes me gag.

7. I started finding gray hairs on my head when I was 21.

8. My favourite author of all time is Jane Austen.

9. I love to read mystery novels.

10. I love playing Trivial Pursuit.

11. I have all sorts of trivial information in my head, but usually not the answer
to a Trivial Pursuit question.

12. It's really hard to think of 25 random things.

14. I don't like wearing socks and shoes. I don't mind wearing footwear with no socks or socks with no shoes, though.

15. I'm glad I started knitting again, because I've made some wonderful new friendships through it.

16. I like the dark-chocolate-covered Altoids.

17. And dark-chocolate-covered Digestive Biscuits. Photobucket

18. Continuing in the chocolate thread, my favourite chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp, which is nearly impossible to find in the U.S.

19. Red wine gives me migraines.

20. I like white wine better, anyway.

21. Tod and I bought our wedding rings at the Orange County Swap Meet.

22. I like sappy love stories.

23. I cry too easily.

24. Did I mention that thinking of 25 things is hard?

25. I'm happy with my life.

1 comment:

  1. I am sooo with you on the chocolate Altoids and Dark Chocolate Digestives.


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