18 March 2009

Belated Left Coast Crime summary

I did mean to post during my trip to Hawai'i, but just didn't have enough time, as I was having so much fun.
My panel (Cozies: Don't Kill the Cat. Really?) went very well, I think.

Panelists were (l-r)
(me),Mary Stanton/Claudia Bishop, Maggie Sefton,GM Malliet,

(GM Malliet), Maria Hudgins and Betty Hechtman.

Gratuitous shot of me in my new outfit:

A few other authors I met during the convention were Robin Burcell and Laurie R. King

and Judy Greber/Gillian Roberts and Louise Ure.

I attended a lot of panels and met a lot of people (not just authors), but I either didn't get pix or they didn't turn out. Left Coast Crime 2009 was a blast, though, and I've already registered for LCC 2010.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I really enjoy Maggie Sefton's books and would have like to meet her.


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