17 April 2009

Just finished reading...

Jan Burke's latest book is a standalone that could best be described as a paranormal mystery. Tyler Hawthorne was born in 1791, and died in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. While he lay dying on the battlefield, he spoke to a mysterious person who gave him a ring, and a dog, and the task of Messenger.
The Messenger carries the wishes of the dying who can no longer communicate verbally to their living loved ones.
When we meet Tyler, he is living in present-day Los Angeles. He lives a solitary life, with only his dog Shade as a real companion. Somehow,Tyler knows when dying people need his services, and he goes to them to offer comfort and more. Yet, after over 200 years, having outlived all his peers and being unable to die, he wishes he had given a different answer to the being who approached him on the battlefield.
He buys a mansion in the hills, and befriends Ron, the grandson of the previous owner. Ron's friend Amanda, a "trust-funder" who lives nearby, is suspicious of Tyler's Samaritanship, but is unsure what to do about her misgivings.
Driving home from a party in the desert, she witnesses a truck running him down on his motorcycle, and is pretty sure he's dead. But he's still alive, despite what Amanda saw. Now the men in the truck are after her, too, and Tyler has to tell her about himself so he can protect her.
Jan Burke has crafted another spellbinding tale. She is an amazing writer, and has obviously done painstaking research for this book. Don't pass it by because it's not part of the Irene Kelly series!

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