24 April 2009

Just finished reading

Peter Robinson's latest Alan Banks novelis a little bit different than most.
When the story begins, he's on holiday with his new girlfriend Sophia. Annie Cabbot, now a Detective Inspector, is instructed to call him back when the murder-suicide case they are dealing with appears to involve some people with important connections. When Banks discovers that the connection may have to do with MI6, he's warned off, and told to resume his leave. But his "copper's instinct" won't allow him to let it go, and he begins to investigate on his own, with Annie helping him out in the background.
The international espionage storyline is certainly unusual for Robinson, and though some of the characters (and at times, the reader) express their skepticism at Banks' theories, he manages to keep it credible.
As usual, Robinson's writing is superb, and the story is compelling. The biggest problem with this book is the length of time we'll have to wait for the next one.

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