24 November 2009

Just finished reading...

Ghastly Glass by Joyce and Jim Lavene.

This is the second of the Lavenes' Renaissance Faire Mysteries featuring scholar Jessie Morton, who is writing her doctoral dissertation on Renaissance crafts in modern times. One of her methods of research is apprenticing with various craftspeople at the year-round Renaissance Faire Village and Market Place in Myrtle Beach. This time around she is assigned to glassblower Roger Trent, proprietor of the Glass Gryphon.

Unusually for Jessie, this visit occurs during the academic year, as this will be the first time the Village does a special event for Hallowe'en. Residents will be dressed as witches, ghosts and other creepy creatures that fit in with the holiday theme. There is even a very large man dressed as Death, complete with scythe.

However, things turn seriously macabre when a cast member is found dead in the middle of the square, with the slogan "Death shall find thee" painted on his robe. Jessie and Chase Manhattan, her beau and Village Bailiff Chase Manhattan attempt to find the killer without too much disruption of the Faire's day-to-day activities.

This was a quick read; light and fun. It made for perfect travel reading!

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