13 January 2010

Just finished reading...

Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford.

I didn't really know what to expect when I read this book. All I knew was the blurb on the back, and one or two reviews I'd skimmed. But I thought that any book with Jane Austen as the owner of a bookstore wouldn't disappoint, and I was right! I would have finished this book in one day, if I'd been able to keep my eyes open 15 minutes longer.

Jane ... Fairfax, as she calls herself, is undead. Yes, that's right, Jane is a vampire. We soon discover that although she owns Flyleaf Books, in a small town in New York, she still harbors dreams of being a published author. However, her latest manuscript has been declined by 116 publishers, and she is beginning to despair that she'll ever be published again, when she receives an email from an editor at Browder Publishing, telling her the novel is fantastic, and he'd love to publish it.

Jane is thrilled! Her book is a hit, but she finds that being a known author is much different from a century or so earlier. Best-selling authors are celebrities, and Jane is forced to deal with both admirers and antagonists.

This is an absolutely charming novel, despite the fact that it's protagonist is undead. I was pleased to see that "Jane Fairfax" will return in a sequel called Jane Goes Batty.

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