04 April 2011

New (ad)ventures

Left Coast Crime in Santa Fe turned out to be the birthplace of a couple of big new things in my life.

Firstly, at lunch with my novelist friend L.J. Sellers and some of her friends (Judith Yates Borger, Peg Brantley, Andrew E. Kaufman, and Jodie Renner) casually mentioned the popularity of collaborative blogs, and suggested that perhaps we should start one.

Later that night, over dinner, the subject arose again, and the discussion continued over drinks, and a new collaborative blog began to take shape. Once we all returned home, the ideas continued to flow, the new baby was named Crime Fiction Collective and a launch date of Monday, April 18 (that's two weeks from today folks!) was set. Stay tuned...

And my other big news is that I registered for Left Coast Crime 2012 in Sacramento. Offering to help with the planning, I was asked what I was interested in. Upon hearing my answer "programming", conference co-chair Cindy Sample asked how I felt about co-chairing the programming committee. After a little bit of sputtering and stuttering, I agreed. And just like that, I am co-chair of the programming committee for Capitol Crimes!

I'm a little nervous about all the work I have ahead of me with my two new projects, but mostly I'm thrilled and excited!

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