09 September 2011

Home again, home again...

We arrived home on Wednesday evening after a LONG day of travelling (20 hours from hotel door to house door!) I was exhausted, and fell into bed before nine.

One amusing thing happened when the taxi that picked us up at the hotel in Paris was a few minutes late. The desk clerk was a little (!) tightly wound, so at 5 minutes late, he called the cab company to find out what was going on. The driver showed up about 2 minutes later, and the clerk gave him an earful. All the way to the airport (close to an hour) the taxi driver was on the phone complaining about the clerk. He almost sounded like a 6-year-old when he said to someone "Il n'est pas gentil!"*

I know I haven't finished the "travelogue" yet, so if anyone is interested, I'll be doing that over the next couple of days before I get back to reviewing. France was amazing, and I hope to get back there someday.

*He wasn't nice.

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