05 December 2011

Just finished reading...

The Last Word (Books by the Bay #3) by Ellery Adams.*

When last we saw Olivia Limoges, she had just discovered a long-lost half-brother living on a nearby island. Coincidentally, as Olivia is a restaurateur, Hudson runs a diner. Unfortunately, it's not doing too well, and he's having trouble supporting himself and his growing family. Olivia persuades him to move to Oyster Bay and take over her new venture, The Bayside Crab House.

Meanwhile, Olivia meets well-known author Nick Plumley, who is thinking of settling in the town. Invited to visit him at the house he's renting, she's surprised that no one answers when she knocks on the door. Looking through the window, she sees him lying on the floor.

Although something of a "loner", Olivia has an incredibly busy life. She owns two restaurants, belongs to a closely-knit writer's group (which also helps the local police solve crimes), and is helping her newfound relatives get back on their feet.

Unlike many authors who portray their protagonists as having no negative qualities, Olivia has many facets. Although the wealthy woman is generous and philanthropic, she is not above using her resources to ensure that things happen to her liking.

One of the delights of this series is the samples of work from the writer's group. Before each meeting, one member sends a chapter to the others for their critiques. These excerpts are included in the story as Olivia reads and comments on them.

Will any of the group members ever be published? Will Olivia open herself to a romantic relationship? These questions may be answered in the next installment, Written in Stone, a preview of which is included at the end of the book, though no publication date is given.

*FTC Full Disclosure: Many thanks to the publisher, who sent me a copy of the book for review purposes.

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