24 March 2012

Countdown to Left Coast Crime -- 5 days...

I met Cindy Sample at Left Coast Crime 2011 in Santa Fe when I approached the LCC 2012 registration desk to offer my services.  Cindy very cleverly convinced me to be the co-chair of programming, which has been great fun.  She was also kind enough to send me an e-galley of her upcoming first book, Dying for a Date, which I reviewed last June.

Dying for a Date by Cindy Sample.

Cindy Sample's first book brought back memories of meeting frogs through online dating sites. Luckily (as far as I know) none of them were killed after a date with me. Which is the problem that Laurel McKay has after her first date with a man she met through "The Love Club", a non-virtual dating service recommended by her best friend Liz.

She feels badly, but she writes it off as a coincidence and tries dating another guy. When he's fished out of the river during their second date, she begins to wonder if it has something to do with her, and decides to find out.

Juggling a murder investigation, her two kids, a kitten, an ex-husband who suddenly wants to reconcile and her job as a loans underwriter for a local bank means Laurel doesn't have a lot of time, so she convinces Liz to help. When Laurel's co-worker Stan finds out, he wants to help, as does her mother Barbara.

The result is a delightful mix of mystery, romance and silliness. Go get it.

Having been an avid reader from the age of four, Cindy Sample’s third grade career ambition was to become a detective just like Nancy Drew.  At sixteen, she realized her inherent klutziness could be an impediment to becoming a private eye or super spy.  Her new mission was to be a mystery writer.

Cindy's career path took a few twists and turns along the way, including the position of CEO of a nationwide company.  Her first novel, Dying for a Date, was released by L&L Dreamspell in June 2010, and was voted # 1 in Romance in the 2010 P&E Readers Poll.  The sequel, Dying for a Dance, was released to rave reviews in October 2011 and is nominated for the Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery of 2011.


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