06 April 2012

Just finished reading...

Cooking the Books by Kerry Greenwood (Corinna Chapman mystery #6). 

Baker Corinna Chapman, who works extremely hard as a general rule, is on holiday, and trying very hard to do nothing at all.   The handsome  Daniel is investigating a case, though he does come by to keep Corinna company. Her assistant Jason has gone to the beach to learn how to surf, and the two cashiers Kylie and Goss have short-term parts in a soap opera called "Kiss the Bride".

Corinna discovers she's not very good at doing nothing, so she reluctantly accepts a plea from an old  friend to fill in for the an injured member of her catering company, which happens to be working on the set of  a soap opera (or "soapie" in local slang). 

Corinna's Melbourne is a small town indeed, because it turns out that it is the same place where Kylie and Goss are working.  Coincidentally, someone has mentioned to Corinna that there might be trouble brewing on this set, so it gives her a good opportunity to keep an eye on her girls.

The inhabitants of  the Roman-style building Insula, which contains Earthly Delights on the ground floor and sixteen apartments on the eight storeys above, include Corinna (and occasionally her lover Daniel) , Jason, Kylie and Goss, gay couple Jon and Kepler, a retired classics professor and a  practicing witch.   This disparate group are more closely-knit (and dysfunctional) than most families.  They always seem to be available to help with each others' problems and provide first-aid, or potluck for parties. 

Corinna's first-person narrative is cheerful (even when she claims she's grumpy) and straightforward.  A large woman whose acceptance of her size is refreshing, she's a wonderful role model for all women.

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