06 November 2006

How time flies!

Wow! I hadn't realized that it's been over 3 weeks since my last post. Don't know what I've been doing....just frittering my time away, I guess.

I finished a few memorable books, which for some reason I didn't review: Julia Spencer-Fleming's All Mortal Flesh and Sarah Stewart Taylor's Still as Death. Love both those authors, their protagonists and their titles.

During a slow moment in telephone reference, I picked up Maggie Sefton's knitting mystery Knit One, Kill Two , and enjoyed it so much that rather than reading Jan Burke's latest, Kidnapped, I picked up Needled to Death, the second in Sefton's series. I do mean to read Kidnapped, but since I needed a paperback for my trip to the doctor this morning, I picked up Deadly Greetings: A card-making mystery by Elizabeth Bright. Greeting cards are not really my thing, I'm more of a knitter and scrapbooker, but it's a quick, distracting read.

One thing the knitting stories did was make me get back into knitting. Yesterday, I went to Jo-Ann's and picked up a bunch of "eyelash" yarn, to make scarves with. They're really fast, easy projects (I finshed almost half of one last night!), and I hope to do at least a couple for Christmas gifts.

Planning for a Thanksgiving trip to Victoria with the family. Bonnie has rented a huge house, and I think there'll be around 13 of us there, including my parents and sister, who will be coming down here in the spring. Christmas will be a lot less stressful for me this year if I only have one houseguest (father-in-law).

Can't end without a new flower pic. This is one of my unidentified miniatures.

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