13 November 2006

Just finished reading....

Kidnapped by Jan Burke.

Every time I read Jan Burke's latest book, I think it's her best. I thought Hocus was the best. I thought Bloodlines was her best. But I'm pretty sure that Kidnapped is really her best.
This is another Irene Kelly/Frank Harriman novel.

Members of the Fletcher family, a large, unusual SoCal clan, are being killed. One of Irene's former colleagues married into the family, though that is not the only reason Irene's investigative senses are tingling. She's just done a feature on children kidnapped by their non-custodial parents. One of the Fletcher kids disappeared five years previously at the time of her father's murder, and Irene is pretty sure she was kidnapped by her mother.

Reading about Irene and Frank is like visiting old friends. Exciting, yet comfortable, though certainly not boring.

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