25 June 2007

Just finished reading...

Drawing a Blank or How I tried to solve a mystery, end a feud and land the girl of my dreams by Daniel Ehrenhaft.

This is an entertaining YA mystery about prep school student Carlton Dunne IV. Carleton's father, a self-employed architect was worried about Carleton's penchant for solitude, and sent him to a private school in New England.

Carleton is a geek, and not very popular with his schoolmates. Not the kind of unpopular geek I was (an honour-roll student with my nose forever buried in a book) but one obsessed with graphic novels, who draws during the classes he sometimes attends. Also, Carleton (under the pseudonym of Carleton Dunne III, his father) draws a cartoon for the local newspaper.

Carleton's father also has an obsession: a centuries-old feud with his ancestors' rival clan in Scotland. When Carleton III is kidnapped, our hero decides to rescue him.

Reading a book like this makes me sort of wish I were still a teen services librarian. It's a fresh, funny, engaging story that I'd love to booktalk.

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