11 July 2007

"There's a little bit of green in everyone"

I can't remember who said that, but it was quoted last night by Matthew Stocke, one of the cast from Wicked. He and another cast member, Laura Dysarczyk, were our (Katy, Tod and me) hosts for Behind the Emerald Curtain, which, unfortunately doesn't actually take the audience backstage (liability issues) but pretty darned close.

The lobby was turned into a museum, with actual costumes from previous productions. Idina Menzel's costume from the 2nd act, which I think is the most beautiful dress in the whole show, was there, as well as some of Madame Morrible's gowns and one of Glinda's. They also had masks on display, a monkey, Dr. Dillamond, AND a model of the original Broadway set. The actors told us a bit about the pieces on display, and then took us into the theatre where we saw a film about the making of the show. All pretty cool.
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A not-so-good pic of Elphaba's 2nd act dress

Katy was enthralled, and Tod and I were enjoying ourselves quite a bit, too.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at the Larchmont Grill, on Melrose. Fabulous new discovery, which I found on opentable.com, who haven't steered me wrong yet.

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